It starts slow, like the sunrise. It eases its way into the consciousness, like the dawning awareness that something delicious has entered the sense of smell, that something beautiful has slipped into view, that something surprisingly gorgeous has permeated the ears. Eventually, the experience is in full bloom and you realize you are smiling, and you are feeling good, without really knowing why. Marya Zimmet's album ON THE ROAD TO LOVE has taken hold...  - Stephen Mosher, Broadway World (August, 2022)

"ON THE ROAD TO LOVE" - More CD Reviews

... Zimmet expresses emotion with subtle inflection, key changes, and pauses, penetrating without volume or stress. Her beguiling voice often evokes a muted glow... Arrangements by Tedd Firth, John DiMartino [and others] —in combinations—reframe august material and creates freshness. ...Pete Smith’s lovely guitar,... Nathan Childer’s hypnotic horn... Firth’s tiptoeing piano and Phil Palumbo’s charcoal-shadow bass... Mark McLean’s percussion adds texture... Everything sounds contemporary in the best sense of the word. The musicianship is a treat... - Alix Cohen, Cabaret Scenes

...Marya Zimmet takes this musical journey that is doleful, hopeful, pensive, melancholy and revelatory on her recently released album...Zimmet’s artistic abilities and originality shined in her much varied versions of GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD and MAYBE I’M AMAZED. She commanded these immense hits and made them her own. The shining moment, however, was a very powerful version of CALLING YOU. Zimmet’s haunting and beautiful vocals fell so softly over a soulful piano and percussion combination.... A definite must for your collection. - Tommy Vance, Cabaret HotSpot

A consummate singer... she's so silky... a great album.  Bob Cesca and David Ferguson, The Bob Cesca Show 

The lyric to "No Moon at All," one of the 11 rewarding and radiant recordings on Marya Zimmet's debut release, addresses "atmosphere for inspiration." Just the right atmosphere and attitude indeed pervades each treatment, thanks to the involved singer and mood-painting keyboardist Tedd Firth who arranged or co-arranged all selections.... "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"  {is] thoughtful and thought-provoking—like so much on this much-recommended new issue. - Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway